Chair “Business Class”

22400 грн

Material: Metal+ Eco leather
Size: 660*840*920

The “Business Class” chair brings us to the magnificent trends of the steampunk style which is embodied in the look of a soft chair from the famous Aviator collection. A characteristic feature of this style is high detalization. All this makes it possible to feel like a real conqueror of the sky.

Smooth lines of the form in combination with stunningly beautiful and original decoration create the impression of an antique interior item, a luxury item.
Made of metal and leather, the chair “Business class” will be not only incredibly comfortable and convenient, but also durable, with high wear resistance.
The chair will be an interesting solution for the interior in any style and enhance its status as well.

It goes with the coffee table “Suitcase” and the bedside table “Aviator”.

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