Chest of drawers “Emperor”

64800 грн

Material: Wood+Leather+Metal+Velvet
Size: 780*460*1250

Chest of drawers “Emperor” from the collection, inspired by the colonial conquests and frequent travels which have become an integral part of modern man.

Lush decorating with pressed leather, resembling the dense skin of a formidable crocodile, tightened with polished metal. As an old traveling bag, the chest of drawers has 5 drawers, upholstered from the inside with the most delicate velvet, ready to receive in its insides both your most expensive jewelery and watches, as well as expensive wine and cigars. For the convenience and comfort of the owner, the chest of drawers “Emperor” has a mirror on the hinged top and small wheels with a lock.

Its ideal partners are the bar suitcase “Emperor”, the armchair “Emperor”.

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